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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wii Will Rock You, Overloaded with Webkinz...

In case you peeps didn't notice, I got a Wii on xmas. Wiis rock!!! The latest game I got is Mario Kart Wii. It's a cool racing game. I like to be a guy called Toad.

This is Toad.
INSTANT PWNage!!! Toad rulz!
So, another game that I'm borrowing from my friend Jacob is called Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's a fighting game rated T, even though I'm not 13 yet. Olive likes to play too and of course, I always PWN her. And, Meta Knight rocks the house!

This is Meta Knight.
P.S. Jaf,klskafmckaflkdjnhkfqkkehrf,qjehlkrtwqtkjfqwhqftkrhefkluefdltwk
P.P.S. ...that was random!!!
So, the next topic on this post is Webkinz. Olive is now obsessed. She has a "retired" webkinz which is a unicorn. It's corny. On the site, it says, "Do you want to be SPECIAL???" and it shows a Unicorn picture. Weird. I got a regular Koala and an extremely cute Elephant. Here's the elephant pic.

Bye for now! (pretty long post, eh?)

Da News

I haven't written in dis thing in a LONG, LONG time... So, I wanna write one. It's near this Da News post.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Webkinz Rules! (except for the Weird Hair)

Hey peeps. Well, I haven't written in my blog for a long, long time... So? In the time that's passed, I've gotten 3 Webkinz, stuffed animals that have a life online. I pamper my penguin Chillee and I'm happy with my monkey Bongo. Also, the 1st one I got is a cool Tree Frog named Sparkz. Miss O has 3, one named Goldie that has really freaky weird hair. NONE of my Webkinz have freaky Weird Hair. Such creepy hair... Anyhoo, in Webkinz world you can sell gems to a human-like dog, go to the doctor (Duck), and get jobs from a freaky talking cat. And the best thing is a game called Polar Plunge. So the lesson you learned is... Webkinz Rules! (except for the Weird Hair)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Droppin' In From Jill Arbor...

Oh my gosh. I'm in Glen Arbor and am about to leave. Olive and my 4 year old cousin Willa are crazier than ever!!!! In the woods Miss O and Miss W found a piece of moss that they called Jill. And it's a BOY!!!!!!!!! I mean, who would ever want to play with a piece of moss?!? I wouldn't. We went to the beach 5 hours ago and the water was freezing! Well, toodle-oo. I have nothin' else to say on this blog.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

...That are Made Of Tweed... Yeah, Right.

Hi, and welcome to another post. 2day's post is about Miss O's new song, A Cool Pair of Shoes Is All I Need. She got the strange song from these dolls, "Groovy Girls." Anything but groovy.
Now, this is how the chorus goes like.
A Cool Pair Of Shoes Is All I Need For Discoiiiiinnnggg!!! (x2)
a cool pair of shoes is all I need
a cool pair of shoes that are made of tweed...
I bet all of you are like, "Wow, this is good for a 5 year old".
It's great for a 5 year old.
Anyhoo, back to the song.
OK, now that's the chorus. Now let's see what are on these crazy shoes.
Rainbows: Well, that's cool.
Puppies: Obvious for Miss O.
Monsters: not bad.
Stripes: Everybody loves stripes!!! ...Not.
Tweed: It's starting to not make sense...
Chocolate: Miss O's song is making me hungry.
Ponies: Ai yai yai.
Meep Flop: You can hear about her in another post.
L8r, Zeke P

Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Last Mimzy...Mike?

OK. Miss O thinks the name "Mimzy" is funny. "Mimzy" is part of a movie (rated PG) called "The Last Mimzy". Well...... Miss O has these OTHER imaginary friends (besides weird Meep Flop) called the "Mimzies".They are hat-shaped creatures that are SO not real. One of these creatures is called "Mimzy Mike". The other one is called "Mimzy Maggie". Miss O (and the nincompoop "Meep Flop") have to fight "monsters" with the Mimzies. The first monster Miss O had to fight is called "GoGo Picasso" (named after the artist Pablo Picasso). Second: "ToeToe". And the last one: "GoGo". These monsters have crazy names. This was a short post but...bye, anyways.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meep Flop Is...Her Imaginary Friend...

There are 4 things that you folks out there need 2 know... 1) Miss O has an imaginary friend named "Meep Flop". 2) There's a hard, hard test called the MEAP Test. 3) This crazy "Meep Flop" lives in the LAUNDRY ROOM, for goodness' sakes! How can this person even BREATHE?And...4) Miss O even wrote a song about this guy! (Actually, it's a girl) Weeeelllllll..... on to this....
Miss O believes in this person more than I believed in ABBY, MY OLD DINOSAUR IMAGINARY FRIEND!?!?!?! Well, this person and her siblings (Meep "Mop", Meep "Pop" and Meep "Bop") take this MEAP test every day, FOR GOODNESS' SAKES!!!! This personhead is 10 years old and as tall as Miss O(she must be really puny), and her "siblings" (which are of course, baby dolls) are supposed to be alive. This Meep Flop person is a nincompoop. We played a board game yesterday and so Miss O insisted that this Meep Flop person play. (Of course, she never scored any points) The whole point of this blog is to show how crazy this person is.
The End
"Only I can see her." -Miss O
(Those are some

Friday, March 16, 2007

What The Heck????????

I am going to get Mario Kart: Double Dash tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool. OK, let's get started. Well.....I am so awesome and when Miss O forces me to play "Allie and SON" with me, I sometimes say "No way, Jose"! Back to this stuff. At skool, I finished my poem!!!!!!!! Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!! And, I played on the swings with Alex, Kevin, Brendan, Lorryn, Athena, and Nate. Whatever............bye.